Five Elements Coaching

Why are 5 Elements important to our life?

Each element is in charge of a particular body structure.

➞ Bones, flesh, skin, tissues, and hair are solid structures formed by the EARTH.
➞ Saliva, urine, sperm, blood, and perspiration are all made up of WATER.
➞ Hunger, thirst, and sleep are all caused by FIRE.
➞ All movement, including expansion, contraction, and suppression, is caused by AIR.
 Physical attraction and repulsion, as well as fear, are formed by SPACE.. 

The world of matter-energy is symbolized by the Five Elements. The human body becomes ill when these five elements are out of harmony. The goal of strengthening and balancing the elements is to address internal and external imbalances so that you can live a healthy, tranquil, and stress-free life. 

It's just as crucial to connect with the five basic elements that make up your physical being as it is to follow Life's five lessons.  

 Do the right thing - Perform your action without any guilt or emotional weight. Do what you're doing pleasantly, whether in your career or personal life, and the outcomes will improve.

 Break the barrier -If you make an effort, the Universe will assist you. Don’t say you can't accomplish something; you'll never grow. Break down your own barriers. When you break the barrier, the Universe always comes to your assistance.

 Grow by giving - Knowledge, Love, Smiles, Support, Compassion, and Understanding are all things you may provide. That is when true transformation occurs. You'll take baby steps from 'I' to 'You' if you stretch yourself a little. Give completely, have trust, and the Universe will reward you. Life is an echo. When you say I love you, the universe responds by saying I love you as well. Love will spread.

 Create your goals - Whether long or short term, set goals for yourself and stick to them. Continue to work slowly and steadily toward your objectives, and you will succeed. These objectives will keep you happy and occupied as you progress through life.

 Learn to connect with the divine and tap into the universe's energy reserve. If the terms "Divine" or "God" make you uneasy, you can call it anything from cosmic to universal energy. Make an effort to connect with that force. Focus on asking for help through meditation and prayer.

The Five Elements and The Mind

Have you ever looked at the workings of your mind the way you would observe the world of nature around you?

If we want to understand how our minds work, the best way is to look at how nature operates.

We must see how wind, fire, and rain function in the psyche.

We must learn to observe the storms of emotion in the light of reason.

All the rhythms through which not only our bodies but also our minds and senses move.

The five elements are one of the main themes of Ayurvedic thought and of related spiritual and healing systems.

Join me in understanding our minds:

*Inner Self, Soul

Space is light, cold, clear, and vast. Imagine looking up toward the sky on a clear night. Space is expensive

*Inner mind or deeper consciousness

Air is cold, light, drying, and full of motion - like a rush of wind. Air is movement

*Intermediate mind or intelligence

Fire is hot, light, powerful like the sun. It’s the transformative power that converts one thing to another. Fire is transformation.

*Outer mind, Sensation, Emotions

Think of Water as a means of cohesion and connection, it’s protective and nourishing. Water is moist, flowing holds our cells together. Water is cohesion.

*Out Self, Ego

Earth is heavy, cold, solid, stable, and dense. It represents all the material objects and the physical world around us including rocks, hills and buildings as well as bones, muscles, and organs.

 You are learning how to use those five elements to manifest your life to achieve your dream life. 

Course Curriculum

"...kind and high vibrating soul"

Riya is such a kind and high vibrating soul. She is a model of continued growth and learning while being connected to her soul's purpose.  


"I love the way..."

I love the way you wove the topics of Ayurveda, sound healing and astrology so seamlessly and connected the dots in such an easily understandable manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the training ❤


"...packed with so much insight"

Can’t wait to catch up with you to hear all about it. This challenge was so packed with so much insight and information and still a calm experiential. You are a wonderful generous hostess and presenter ❣️🙏💕