Collaboration A Fusion of Sound & Frequencies of Light

Grounding & activating the Kundalini,
creating a soothing space of peace & calm.

15 minutes of Channeled Messages that will be a spontaneous response to whomever is present. A specific message for the group.

Rough & flexible running order for free Live Event Saturday 11th June 2022

Week  1&2: Alignment
Week 3&4: Connection
Week 5&6: Expansion
Week 7: Bonus (Surprise Gift)

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    Collaboration A Fusion of Sound & Frequencies of Light 3 payments of $299 USD /month
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    3 payments of $299 USD /month

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        She's pure light and it will inspire you towards the positive. I could feel that the way she expressed herself, she connects to her intuition and whatever she's outside, she's inside too. There's congruence in the light that she shines because she is that light. So I wanted to say that go for it. And especially in the healing the journeys and all the meditations. And she will help you to connect with your own source and she will help you to bring peace to your inner self. The way she guided me into a meditation where I was basically transported and I once I connected to my intuition, she was able to put so many pieces like visually auditory and even smelling all the experience that I felt during that meditation was so real. And now I keep that picture in my heart forever.



        I feel emotionally cleansed. I feel like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders. I'm just really happy with the meditation and the guidance and everything that rhea has helped me work through. And I think with our the session that we've just had, it was really eye opening on, you know, particularly what what what is my motivation in life and you know what are the feelings that I'm trying to capture by the actions that I take in everyday life.



        Can’t wait to catch up with you to hear all about it. This challenge was so packed with so much insight and information and still a calm experiential. You are a wonderful generous hostess and presenter ❣️🙏💕