Transformational Coaching 

You want a life you love. To fufill your biggest dreams. To live boldly and authentically like you. 

Do you feel a deep yearning for something to change ?

* More than just wanting success in the traditional sense.
*More meaningful relationship.
*More success aligned with your gifts and values.
*More confidence and joy.

(Get absolute clarity in your decisions and finally shake off the constant feelings of overwhelm, confusion, and anxiousness)

Want to Release Yourself From the Shackles of Past and Future?

Begin Your Journey to Enlightenment Through Unparalleled Self-Healing Powers

(Get absolute clarity in your decisions and finally shake off the constant feelings of overwhelm, confusion, and anxiousness)

8 weeks Deeper Transformation Program that empower you to live your dream life 

Anxiety disorders and stress are one of the most commonly misdiagnosed mental conditions in the US alone…
Over 40 million adults in the U.S. have an anxiety disorder. 7% of children aged 3-17 experience issues with anxiety each year. most people develop symptoms before age 21.
Some of us trapped in the circle of anxiety, stress, and depression. It may come from childhood trauma, a stressful environment, bad relationships, or other reasons. 

No matter what your circumstance in life is, “ You Deserve to be Happy”...
In the next few minutes, I will tell you exactly Why most people struggle to reach absolute inner satisfaction…
More importantly, what you must do instead to free yourself from anger, fear, negativity, and mind-numbing stress…. When we move through the layer of healing, start a journey from self-doubt to self-healing to self-empowered to inspire others. It helps you bring your confidence, joy and clear vision of your best self. 

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself...
Hi, My name is Riya, and before I was a popular meditation coach and spiritual healer…

I was just like you: sad, lost, and unaware of the tunes to my own soul…
The day after I was born, I was sold to another family…
Yes — I was sold as a baby!

I spent the early years of my life striving for self-worth… where the negative chakras, energies,
and conditions surrounding my life engulfed me absolutely…
Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, I was left broken, stressed, and almost depressed…
I struggled every single day as my negative emotions took over…
But I wanted to heal myself… I was bombarded with advice–all of which was rather contradictory and incomprehensible…
I spent years in agony before I realized the power of meditation, sound therapy, soul-healing…

Thus, my journey began…

From Self-doubt to Self-healing, and finally to Self-empowerment

That’s what I want others to achieve as well...
But you see, It took me almost 25 years of my life to realize my true value…
And I know many others don’t have this kind of time on their hands…
And so I compressed all my knowledge as a
Certified Chopra Life Coach
Certified Chopra Meditation Teacher
Certified State Of California Sound Healing Therapy
★ Tibetan Singing Bowl Teacher
Transformational Healing Mentor
Visionary business Coach

And developed the ultimate:

An extensive game-changing program that is designed to give you the tools to heal yourself from within- the results of which are so long-lasting they become second nature to you…

An extensive game-changing program that is designed to give you the tools to heal yourself from within- the results of which are so long-lasting they become second nature to you…

You could join me for an 8-week program, 7 months, or 1 year as long as you want to keep exploring…

It’s not just a program, It’s your one-way ticket to a Stress-Free Life…

Unlike many other coaches who will try to offer you advice, I will help you master self-love! It doesn’t involve one-way advice or a TED talk relating to your life… Neither will I ask you to pop any magic pills… Instead, my program offers you a completely hands-on and customized approach to help you become the best version of yourself …Without wasting your time on therapies that don’t work or exposing yourself to vulnerabilities for a minute longer… When you join this program, I will use all my knowledge, experience, and practice to help you align your expectations and your present self…

Here is What You Can Expect When You Begin Your Transformational Journey:
 Amplify your confidence to heights you never imagined
 Heighten your self-awareness through introspection and reflection of
 Create a balanced life between love, career, and health.
 Foster balanced relationships by improving accountability.
 Discover your purpose in the world
✓ See past the blind spots and get a fresh perspective on your tangled affairs
 Define your life goals and commit to a better version of yourself.
 Fuel the fire that burns within you by feeding it the right food and directing it to the perfect course

Eventually, you'll be able to appreciate the rainbow after the rain and the sun as it shines bright...

But let me be loud and clear: I can’t help everyone (to be honest, not everyone needs my help either)
This is because the powers of spiritual healing require you to BELIEVE in what you can’t see or touch.
I don’t have a diet plan or a life plan or anything tangible to offer you,
Nor a laid-out step-by-step game plan.
By now, you must be wondering if you should even read ahead.

Let me uncomplicate it for you.

This Program Is For You If:

 You’re ready to believe in the power of spiritual healing because that’s the only way it will work.

⚪ If you want to step out of the shadows and make your mark because you know deep down that you can.

You realize your health and wellbeing are absolutely crucial to the impact you want to make in the world but at the same time, you want someone to be on your side to help you take the right path.

⚪ You’re looking for a healer who doesn’t use run-of-mill tips and tricks and wants you to fall in a “certain predefined state”.

 You are ready to give time to your healing and work on yourself without giving up...

⚪ You must accept this is what YOU need to reach the full circle. 

Similarly, This Program Is Not For You If:

You don't believe in spiritual powers and intangible wisdom.


You are not ready to put in the effort to steer your life from great to greatness.   

What Else Will You Gain During
the Self-Transformation Program?
Apart from absolute clarity, here is what my self-transformation program contains:

BONUS #1: Specially Designed Worksheets

(Value $199.99)

8 intuitive worksheets that I will help you cover each week… These will help you keep on track with your transformation journey and allow you to collaborate your thoughts in black-and-white.

BONUS #3: Pranayama Courses

(Value $790)

Pranayama allows you to explore the most basic thing you take for granted: Your breath… It is more than a mere breathing exercise – it’s a lifestyle, a savior for the soul…

Learning the art of Pranayama from a Certified coach is scientifically proven to help:
✓ Reduce anxiety and depression
✓ Lower/stabilized blood pressure
✓ Increase energy levels
✓ Muscle relaxation
✓ Decrease feelings of stress and being overwhelmed 

BONUS #2: Soul Tone

(Value $1,997)

Soul Tone is about awakening who you are and finding your true purpose sans societal judgments and expectations.

During our 8 weeks together:
✓ You get to find your Soul Tone at the deepest level.
✓ Discover why it is so important to one’s true and absolute success.
✓ Explore the latest scientific research showing the benefits of Soul Tone for your physical health and emotional well-being.    

Unlimited Correspondence with Me

(Value $4,997)

During our 8 weeks together, you get unlimited voice, email, and text correspondence with me. I'm just a call away from you so you never have to feel stuck or alone.

BONUS #5: The Healing of Consciousness

(Value $7,997)

*Only for 1 year Program

Uncertainty is a state that leaves even the strongest people incapable.
In fact, all negative external factors that you can't control damage your life in more ways than one.

Hence, I help you align your consciousness with inner peace to transcend all external limitations.
✓ Learn how to heal our minds on all levels, from the subconscious to the superconscious
✓ Observe the contents of your consciousness is the most important part of mental and spiritual development.     

If You Are Still On The Fence, Here is a Chance
to Hop onto a Life-changing 30 minute

This call will be able to:

 Ask me all the questions that are racing through your mind
Pick the brains of someone who has been helping people successfully transform their lives for the past 25 years
  Receive a detailed map of each action you must take and how to get there
 Explore the numerous techniques that I used personally to bring myself back from the tremors of my abusive past
Discover what you may be missing in your life

Unleash Your Special Powers NOW
(Get rid of the nagging feeling that you’re not good enough anymore
and bring back confidence in your life that you deserve)

Spoiler Alert: Only You Have The Power