Self-Transformation Coaching Program

The Ultimate Path To Growth

8 weeks to shift you from surviving to a thriving life. Discover your special powers, find yourself performing better in work, relationships, and life? Generate feelings of autonomy, competence, confidence, transcend your limitations to live your dream life.


Transformation Coaching

A life-shifting course of deep self-love and emotional healing.

Diamond: One 50m Deep Dive session and MORE ($500 monthly recurring)
Platinum: Two 50m Deep Dive sessions/Create a Steady Growth Path and MORE ($900 monthly recurring)
Elevate Coaching: Create a Steady Growth Path/Transcending limitation/Three 50m Deep Dive sessions and MORE ($1500 monthly recurring)
Self-Transformation: 20m laser coaching sessions, as needed/ Unlimited chat and WhatsApp coaching/Complimentary tickets to my quarterly Visioning Events (online, group Format)/Special VIP clients perks, including complimentary courses and a session on your birthday and MORE ($4999 One time payment for 8 weeks

Pricing Options

Diamond Membership $500 USD /month
Platinum Membership $900 USD /month
Elevate Coaching $1500 USD /month
Intensive Transformation (8 Weeks Coaching) $4999 USD

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    Transformation Coaching $500 USD /month
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    $500 USD
    $500 USD/month for all billing

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        I feel emotionally cleansed. I feel like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders. I'm just really happy with the meditation and the guidance and everything that rhea has helped me work through. And I think with our the session that we've just had, it was really eye opening on, you know, particularly what what what is my motivation in life and you know what are the feelings that I'm trying to capture by the actions that I take in everyday life.



        She's pure light and it will inspire you towards the positive. I could feel that the way she expressed herself, she connects to her intuition and whatever she's outside, she's inside too. There's congruence in the light that she shines because she is that light. So I wanted to say that go for it. And especially in the healing the journeys and all the meditations. And she will help you to connect with your own source and she will help you to bring peace to your inner self. The way she guided me into a meditation where I was basically transported and I once I connected to my intuition, she was able to put so many pieces like visually auditory and even smelling all the experience that I felt during that meditation was so real. And now I keep that picture in my heart forever.



        Riya Wang is a pure healer. I visited her for a session that was so transformative. She was able to allow me to access dimensions of my being that I didn't even know existed. I found such peace and tranquility after this one session from her that I received continued comfort and joy from each day of my life. I cannot recommend her services to you enough. I feel such peace, love, and calm in her presence. She truly is a gifted therapist.



        I love the way you wove the topics of Ayurveda, sound healing and astrology so seamlessly and connected the dots in such an easily understandable manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the training ❤