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What Others Are Saying About The Healing Session

"Real eye-opening journey"

“This challenge was a real eye-opening journey for me; I had no idea of what to anticipate beforehand, yet it surpassed all my hopes! Riya’s expertise and familiarity with the topics at hand were outstanding. A massive thank you goes out to her for leading us through this uplifting adventure – she is truly an inspiration!” - Anna


“Can’t wait to catch up with you to hear all about it. This challenge was so packed with so much insight and information and still a calm experiential. You are a wonderful generous hostess and presenter.” - Theresa

"High vibrating soul"

“Riya is such a kind and high vibrating soul. She is a model of continued growth and learning while being connected to her soul's purpose.” - Leslie

"Incredible effects"

“I was truly grateful to have encountered Riya in my life, an amazing and kind healer who gifted me with several private sound healing sessions. The incredible effects these had on me - from peace of mind to deeper personal growth - were undeniable. I found her intuition very perceptive, sincere energy warm and inviting; even a brief few meetings proved immensely beneficial for myself! .” - Pascal

"Truly gifted therapist"

“Riya Wang is a pure healer and exquisite sound therapist. I visited her for a sound therapy session that was so transformative. She was able to allow me to access dimensions of my being that I didn't even know existed. I found such peace and tranquility after this one session from her that I received continued comfort and joy from each day of my life. About a year after her session, I had a second meditative experience in water that brought her gifts full circle. I cannot recommend her services to you enough. I feel such peace, love, and calm in her presence. She truly is a gifted therapist.” - DeAnna

"Helped me get my life back!"

“Riya has helped me get my life back! Before I met Riya, I had panic attacks on a weekly basis and after just two sessions I no longer had panic attacks!!! I'm also gaining self-confidence more and more with each session. It allows me to handle whatever chaos the world has waiting for me with grace and confidence. I'm learning to make space for myself to enjoy peace and gratitude. Riya has been an amazing leader on my journey.” - Tracy

What problem I'm solving for you

7 extraordinary steps to remove anxiety and depression faster than you ever dreamed possible

Are you tired of reducing your stress, finding ways to have a better sleep, increasing your focus and concentration? Having these problems can have a ripple effect into your life as your immune system, physical health and relationships are truly damage. Let me help you!

Here’s what we’ll work on

The goal is with 7 Chakra Healing Group Coaching Program will align and open all your chakras, creating a balance within your entire body. Opening your chakras' energy to open to limitless possibilities and potential to create balanced, joyful, and vibrant holistic health and healing from the inside out. Manifest the future you desire!

Meet your coach

Riya Wang

➡️ Certified Chopra Life Coach
➡️ Certified Chopra Teacher
➡️ Certified Chopra Ayurveda educator
➡️ Certified State Of California Sound Healing Therapy
➡️ Transformation Healing Podcast Host
➡️ International Bestselling Author - Awakened Leaders

I am the founder of Zenquency Art Of Healing, a Certified Chopra Life Coach. Transformation Healing Mentor.

After 25 years in the health wellness spa business, in 2018, Riya sold her business, house, sold everything she owned. She went on a journey to discover her soul's purpose. She spent two and half years solo traveling to 30s countries and over 100s cities to explore and share how healing changed our lives profoundly.

With her worldwide study, she creates a life-changing healing technique to transcendence ourselves with body, mind, and soul alignment. Her's teaching include Sound Healing, Meditation, Somatic Bodywork, and Energy Healing.

What others are saying about 7 Chakra Healing Group Coaching Program

"Life-changing experience"

"Working with my incredible coach Riya has been a life-changing experience. The first session alone was enough to stop my recurring panic attacks, and even though it's ongoing work on the anxiety that remains, I'm feeling more confident and self-love than ever before. It’s truly inspiring how much progress can be made when you put in time for yourself – I wouldn't have thought this level of transformation was possible!" - Tracy

"Awesome experience"

You have this energy about yourself that brings others to feel more comfortable to be able to share themselves with you. And the other two sessions that we did. I was a little apprehensive just because a little bit about my childhood. It wasn't the best. It was very traumatizing for me. But having you there and coaching me through it. And helping me open up emotionally just feel vulnerable and let it be okay than a invulnerable was an awesome experience that I got from you. I will do it again because you just tend to bring out. You wanna bring out the best of people. - Charlie

"Peace to your inner self."

Riya’s energy its a must you wanna have her your life because she’s pure joy, she’s pure light and it will inspire you towards the positive. She will help you to connect with your own source and she will help you to bring peace to your inner self. I can also talk about the way she guided me into a meditation where I was basically transported. And once I connected to my intuition. And now I will keep that picture in my heart forever. Everytime I meet peace. I'm gonna remember her meditation. So I strongly recommend her as your coach for getting that positive energy that is so important to have in your life. - Maricel

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But time is of the essence

We Only Have 20 Spots Available For This Session, So Act Before They’re Gone

I am not sure when to open the next session. So, before you go to a chaotic life, let me help you transform your life and find the true meaning of happiness.

But time is of the essence

We Only Have 20 Spots Available For This Session, So Act Before They’re Gone

I am not sure when to open the next session. So, before you go to a chaotic life, let me help you transform your life and find the true meaning of happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Helps you feel more connected and confident about yourself.
Helps you more to be grounded.
Helps you to see more joy and less stress.
Helps you to balance your own energy by using this as a daily practice.

A: You will receive an email once we confirm your payment within 2-3 banking days. The schedule of our coaching session via Zoom is 1 hour and 30 minutes per day.

On Sep 21, 30, and 31, 2023
At exactly 7:00PM -8:30 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) 

A: All coaching sessions via Zoom are recorded and will be available on our community within 48 hours.